terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

Imagens de antigas campanhas publicitárias

Já abordei esse tema em um outro blog, mas achei melhor republicá-lo por acreditar que coisas interessantes assim merecem destaque sempre. Essas são algumas imagens de campanhas publicitárias de tecnologia do século passado. Algumas delas, na época, eram tão inovadoras que pareciam ficção científica.
You can laugh now, but some years ago you were getting a very nice deal by buying a $3398 10MB hard drive.

A sexy modem? Come on!

Two are always better than one. At least according to this 1978 ad from Technico Inc. TMS9900.

Remember Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? Besides appearing on TV in features like Elvira’s Movie Macabre Halloween Special, Elvira also invited Computerworld readers to “cut through paper-based CASE [computer-aided software engineering] methods with LBMS” software.

This ad won’t make any sense if you’re not a follower of the TV series Lost. However, if you are, you’ll find it amusing…

It’s small and light at ‘only’ 11+ lbs.

“With WordStar, you have a true screen image of what your printout will look like before you print it! With WordStar, you’ll erase, insert, delete and move entire blocks of copy.” Gee, it’s like magic!

Would you say this ad was a little sexist?

Every Kid Should Have an Apple after School.

In the future, everyone will use floppy disks.
Confira mais imagens como essas no site uneasysilence.com
Essas imagens também foram publicadas no site do Estadão.

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